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Originale di Puglia

Originale di Puglia

We are from Puglia and we are in love with our land! That’s why we decided to spread the culture of eating well.

We know that Puglia gives us unique and tasty products every day. We know that using wholesome food can create tasty dishes. We carefully choose quality products and certify the origin of the products in Puglia.


Our Mission

We enhance the excellence of our region and at the same time we multiply the opportunities for contact with those interested in the typical product.

Our region is rich with a thousand dishes, different traditions and many flavors. Some products are famous, others still highly local waiting to be discovered and spread around the world.

Our mission is to make known and spread the secrets of this wonderful land even to those who can not have access. We aim to share with you the passion for typical products and curious about a healthy gastronomic culture, based on local ingredients.

Attraverso l’esperienza d’acquisto semplice, veloce e fruibile che unisce i diversi produttori Pugliesi sotto un unico tetto.

We are faithful to the Mediterranean diet, we promote the products that are born in the heartof the Mediterranean: Puglia!

We are a land full of traditions, colors and unmistakable scents, which we want to take everywhere.