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Originale di Puglia

Tipico di Puglia

The reality Tipico di Puglia di Modugno Giusepppe as a commercial activity has its roots towards the end of the sixties.
When his father Nicola Modugno and his mother Lozito Rosaria decided to take the path of retailing the TYPICAL AGRICULTURAL PRODUCTS OF THE PROVINCE OF BARI.
And what is more TYPICAL and LOCAL in Bari and its province if not the OLIVES and its NATURAL NECTAR which is the EXTRA VIRGIN
OF OLIVE and consequently all those products that are now directly connected such as SOTTOLIO (lampascioni, artichokes, tomatoes,
peppers, courgettes, aubergines, sponzali, etc.. ).
After this brief but significant preamble, we come to 1999, the year in which it was decided to make a change in the ECONOMIC, SOCIAL and DISTRIBUTIVE activity.
This is the year in which the management of the company passes into the hands of his son Giuseppe Modugno and son-in-law Vincenzo Suriano, who decide that retail is accompanied by wholesale, always following what historical vocation of the company, that is that the PRODUCT is not only TYPICAL but collected, preserved and processed in the way as today is called artisanal and natural.