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Originale di Puglia

Demi Sec Padre Peppe cl. 50


Date of shipment: 1-2 days

Producer: Padre Peppe

Alcohol content: 42,00% vol.

Size: Bottiglia da 50 cl. formato Frejia

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Brands: Padre Peppe


Processing technique:
maceration of walnuts in green husk in alcohol, with herbs and spices from an ancient recipe. 4 years of aging in oak barrels.

Visual analysis:
refined bronze color, warm, bright and compact.

Olfactory Analysis:
the olfactory configuration brings to light intriguing aromas of cloves, incense, cinchona and precious spices to support the perception of green walnut. The woody notes from the aging in cask are well integrated and easily lead the mind towards austere cloisters.

Taste-Olfactory Analysis:
the chewiness of the liqueur highlights the walnut husk and surprises an unsusceptible freshness on the palate. The evident less sugary component of the traditional one is well supported by the softness of this elegant liqueur with a modern taste. Particular harmony in all its taste-olfactory persistence that accompanies the very long finish.

Food pairings:
spicy and special desserts such as baklava. Mostaccioli and dried figs with almond of the local tradition, preparations not too sweet, semifreddo with dark chocolate. Unsurpassed companion for moments of meditation in front of a fireplace.

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