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Originale di Puglia

Stuffed peppers 314 ml.


In a jar with tuna and capers. Net weight 280 gr

Shipping date: 1-2 days

Brand: Tipico di Puglia

Size: Vasetto da 314 ml.

Brands: Tipico di Puglia


Chillies, tuna, capers, extra virgin olive oil, garlic, parsley.

Rich in precious substances for the human body, chilli pepper contains a very high dose of vitamin C (five times greater than in citrus fruits), vitamins A, EE, PP and K, as well as many mineral salts and lecithin, precious for elasticity of the arteries and lowering of blood cholesterol.
If you do not have problems with the spicy taste, consuming hot peppers can only be good for our health.
The fruits keep very well, dry, in oil or in vinegar.

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