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Originale di Puglia

Elixir Padre Peppe cl. 50


Date of shipment: 1-2 days

Producer: Padre Peppe

Alcohol content: 42,00% vol.

Size: Bottiglia da 50 cl. formato Giglio

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Brands: Padre Peppe


Processing technique:
maceration in alcohol of walnuts in the green husk, with herbs and spices from an ancient recipe. 4 years of aging in oak barrels.

Visual analysis:
traditional mahogany color enveloping and vivid.

Olfactory analysis:
immediately captivating aromas of walnut and undergrowth between which play caressing notes of cinnamon and nutmeg. Traditional cleanliness and freshness of sensations, a reassuring guarantee of the historic quality of the liqueur.

Taste-olfactory analysis:
skilful play of extremely persistent sweet and bitter taste notes. The alcoholic note stimulates the palate to continuously restore the right prescehzza of support. The soft typicality of the product is remarkable.

Food pairings:
structured desserts with dark chocolate or creams with the same base liqueur. Traditional, Christmas, Easter, chestnut sweets. Fantastic in keeping company with “puros” cigars or with a good medium or long seasoned Tuscan

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