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Originale di Puglia

Peasant-style peppers 314 ml.


In a jar in oil. Net weight 280 gr

Shipping date: 1-2 days

Brand: Tipico di Puglia

Size: Vasetto da 314 ml.

Brands: Tipico di Puglia


local peppers, extra virgin olive oil, garlic, parsley, chilli, capers.

The fact of the color (green, yellow or red) provides us with information on the amount of vitamin C: in the yellow and red ones (ie when fully ripe) there is more than in the green ones (not yet ripe).
To make the most of the vitamin, however, they should be eaten raw or just blanched. The type of antioxidants present that protect against cell aging also depends on the color.
However, all peppers are also suitable for those on a diet because the calories contained in them are very few, about 25 cal. per 100 gr .; they also contain beta-carotene which is the precursor of vitamin A, potassium, fiber and contain neither fat nor cholesterol.

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